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What is Rajyoga in Astrology? and how it impacts your life?

What is Rajyoga in Astrology? and how it impacts your life?

In my 12 years of Astrology journey, this is the most asked question, is there any Rajyoga in my Kundli ( Kundli is also referred to as Native’s Birth Chart). Before you buy this popular service, please read the below article.

What is Rajyoga and how it impacts your life?

Rajyogas are special combinations in native’s birth chart that are present during the birth of a child. Not everyone will have Rajyoga. Rajyogas are of different types, they are associated with money, name, fame and much more.

How Rajyogas are formed?

Rajyogas are formed when a benefic planet like Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, Moon makes a relationship with each other either by aspects, conjunctions or exchange. Even planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mars, Sun also forms Rajyoga depending on their placements and the role they play in natives birth chart.

A powerful Rajyoga can make a person from rags to riches, such an example is Bill Gates, whose birth chart has got the most powerful wealth Rajyoga. Some Rajyogas may not bring Wealth rather they give name and fame to the native, such an example is Mahatma Gandhi. I strongly believe that any person who has strong wealth in their birth chart will face huge financial struggles during their initial stages, once they are capable of handling the situations the Rajyoga activates and the native will become rich.

Astrology has more than 300 combinations of Rajyogas from Stronger to Weak. Every birth chart will have Rajyogas but the strength depends on the placement of planets. Some Rajyogas are activated when natives reach his 30 age, some Rajyogas give an unexpected turn in life making a person overnight wealthy or famous. Most of the people who become Wealthy overnight are due to lotteries and such combinations are formed very rarely in the birth chart.

Knowing Rajyoga in your birth chart will help you to understand your capabilities and to focus on your goal.

If you want to know if there is any Rajyoga in your birth chart please email me on [email protected]

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