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Sadesati in Astrology – All About Saturn’s Sadesati and Its Results

As we all know Saturn is the most important planet in Astrology. Saturn signifies our Karma, Longevity, age, and restrictions. Saturn is a very slow-moving planet and takes almost 2.5 years to transit one zodiac sign. Saturn is highly respected in Astrology because of his difficult challenges. There is a mythology story behind Saturn.

Sun is considered the father of Saturn. The power of the Sun gradually declined when Saturn was close to him, this is why Saturn has to leave his father and has to stay alone. Troubles getting started wherever Saturn stayed. Finally, Saturn has moved to an isolated place where nobody can see him. He started enjoying his own company, spending time with himself. This is why natives with good Saturn placed in horoscope likes to stay alone or likes to enjoy self-company. Saturn is the only planet that can take away energy from any planet except Rahu and Ketu. This is the reason why sometimes small planets fail to deliver results during their dasa or antardasa periods. Since Saturn is a slow-moving planet it is difficult to identify the results delivered by him, he can deliver results within a day, month or sometimes can take a year to give good results. Saturn Mahadasa, Sadesati, Saturn return, and Saturn Dhaya are considered as Saturn dominating periods. Whenever native undergoes these phases they have to face challenges in life. Generally, Sadesati and Saturn Mahadasa are considered the most challenging. Unexpected events take place during these phases.

What is Sadesati and Why it is Very Important?

Comparing with Sadesati and Saturn Mahadasa, Sadesati is considered very powerful since Saturn directly impacts our minds. The results you get, the decisions you take during Sadesati is all because of Saturn. Sadesati means 7 1/2 Saturns period (Sade means 7 and Sati means 1/2, it is also called as Elinati Shani). Sadesati begins when Saturn transits 12th, 1st, and 2nd from Moon. Since Moon is a very small planet it cannot handle the energy of Saturn when he is approaching. Moreover, Moon is our mentality, and this greatly impacts our intellect and decision making. When Saturn enters a particular degree (different for everyone) it triggers Sadesati. Saturn here takes all the energy of the Moon. Sadesati is divided into 3 phases, the Rising phase, the Peak phase, and the Setting phase. During Sadesati Saturn starts to test natives with many challenges. Results of Sadesati can be positive as well as negative depends on the position of Saturn, Position of Moon and house Saturn rules.


Rising Phase and its Results

The rising phase starts when Saturn enters the 12th house from the natal moon. If Saturn is benefic( when placed in its own sign, Moola trikona, or exalted sign or yogakaraka) then the results will be 50% positive. If the 12th sign from Moon is also beneficial to Saturn then the 25% more results will be positive. So overall 75% of positive results, still Saturn delivers 25% negative results even though he is benefic to the native. If Saturn is in its enemy sign, or debilitated sign then native has to face difficult challenges.

Generally during rising phase, Saturn takes the native far from their motherland. If Saturn is Positive then the native may complete his higher education in foreign lands or far from their native place. The native will find a new job but has to work hard for very less pay. Unexpected Journeys will take place. Saturn brings new people during this phase. There will be support from friends and relatives. If Saturn is negative then the native is forced to leave his motherland, the native will struggle to find new jobs, unexpected tedious journeys will take place.

Peak Phase and its Results

Hold your breath, as Saturn gives you many strokes in life during this phase. This phase does not work positively even he is benefic, you have to accept the reality of life. Everything you love, Saturn snatches away. You work hard for your dreams but still, you don’t get results, you see opportunities losing your hand. You will encounter some heartbreaks, nightmares during this period. You Cry, fear, and lose hopes but still, Saturn teaches you lessons because of all he wants you to be mentally strong. Saturn does not take your life, he just holds it and gives you at the right time. He smiles at your struggle. You become stubborn, focused and disciplined. You trust people and lose money. Do not give money to someone, it will be very difficult to get them back. You travel to many places. At one instance of your life, you feel blessed, smile and start to enjoy yourself. You will get to know your abilities, your strengths, your passion, and what you are. The peak phase is all about you and only you. This is why I call this phase as the most beautiful one. Fruits are for those who can handle difficult situations.

Setting Phase and its Results

Take a long breath, as Saturn is ready to give you good results but with little efforts. During this phase you have to learn to manage money, Saturn will get you a job for teaching you money management. You will be rewarded with a vehicle and you will start to feel comfortable. Something is not fulfilled,? this is what Saturn makes you feel. This period he makes you run behind what you are struggling for, and what you have been crying these years to achieve. You start to struggle and work hard for your dreams but still will not see excellent results. You, however, manage to achieve your dream or will at least step into it. You will learn the value of your dreams and start to love it. You realize working hard day and night for your passion is still pleasant.

Once you are done with this 7 1/2 Sadesati challenge, results will start to flow to you automatically. You gain name, position and achieve your dreams.

Everyone has to undergo Sadesati. The most beautiful time for Sadesati is when you are 20’s. I have seen people suffering and gaining in life during Sadesati. As an Astrologer this is a blessing.

Enjoy every moment of your life is what Sadesati all about. 🙂

Here I list the reference for every moon sign and how it impacts your Sadesati

Zodiac Sign Rising Phase Peak Phase Setting Phase

Aries Neutral Challenging Good

Taurus Challenging Challenging Neutral

Gemini Good Challenging Challenging

Cancer Neutral Challenging Challenging

Leo         Challenging Challenging Neutral

Virgo Challenging Challenging Good

Libra Neutral Challenging Challenging

Scorpio Good Challenging Neutral

Sagittarius Challenging Challenging Positive

Capricorn Neutral Challenging Positive

Aquarius          Positive          Challenging Neutral

Pisces   Positive           Challenging Challenging

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