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Rahu in Astrology – Role of Planet Rahu in 12 Zodiac Signs

Rahu is the most important planets in astrology.  Rahu is the significator of illusion, unethical, virus, luxury, stardom, scandals and everything that is unknown to the world. Rahu is the retrograde moving planet and takes about 1.6 years to transit one zodiac sign.

Rahu is also considered as a planet of innovation and discoveries, as he is very hunger at unknown things. Rahu is also called the dragon head. There is a mythology story behind Rahu and his powers. Rahu does not have a body and has only face. This is why he never gets satisfied with what he enjoys, he always wants things more and more, he even does not bother to break the rules. Rahu is a shadow planet and is like Air, you cannot trap me. He does not like to follow rules and wants to be independent. If you see someone not following rules, this is because of the impact of Rahu in the horoscope. Jupiter expands where he sits, in the same way, Rahu multiplies where he sits. This kali yuga is entirely ruled by Rahu and is so powerful that even he can stop other planets from defending him. Rahu does not like to waste his time and wants to give results as quick as possible. Rahu can make a person billionaire the next day, he can even make a billionaire poor within a day. Rahu can bring worldwide fame because he loves illusion. He is the sole ruler of unexpected events in life. Saturn is the significator of Karma, whereas Rahu is the significator of one’s purpose in life. Rahu delivers results excessively, even if it is good or bad. All the unexpected diseases like Corona, Ebola which no one can imagine is all because of Rahu. A powerful placement of Rahu is enough to make you rich, and popular. I can write whole day discussing Rahu 🙂

General Characteristics of Rahu in 12 Zodiac Signs


Rahu in Aries

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars and is an enemy sign for Rahu. Rahu is an air sign whereas Mars is fire, these people are like fires whose words can burn others. They are always active to catch an argument. They do not want to lose any opportunity and can even take the wrong steps. These people make lots of money and can even run good businesses. They do not trust others and may not like partnership business. These people are very smart. One negative trait about them is they can be easily manipulated by praising.

Rahu in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus and is a friendly sign for Taurus. Rahu is very comfortable in Taurus as he delivers results in a positive way, We can consider this placement as an exalted sign for Rahu. Rahu in Taurus makes a native passionate lover. He/She finds many ways to impress their partner. This position naturally makes them rich, good looking and smart. Rahu in Venus sign is good for the film sector as he loves the camera. Rahu loves attention, so these people are never shy to act in front of the camera. Since Rahu is malefic planet he brings problem in married life, there are possible to have more than one marriage. This is one position where Rahu can make one famous or rich suddenly.

Rahu in Gemini

Gemini is ruled by Mercury and is a friendly sign for Rahu. Rahu here delivers mixed results to the native. These people are proud of their intelligence and smartness. Their intellectual ideas spread very fastly. They can be good entrepreneurs. They communicate much faster than others, this can sometimes make them speak without thinking. These people visit many short places in their life and may even make money as a travel blogger. This position may not bring fame but will make them wealthy.

Rahu in Cancer

Cancer is ruled by the planet Moon and is an enemy sign for Rahu. Moreover, Rahu is responsible for Lunar eclipse. So here Rahu delivers negative results. These people are forced to take responsibility from very young age. They have to undergo nightmare situations in life. There will be late progress in life until they leave their motherland. Wealth, authority, and peace of mind flow to them automatically when they are far from their native place. These people have to take care of their health.

Rahu in Leo

Leo is ruled by the royal planet Sun and is an enemy sign for Rahu. Moreover, Rahu is responsible for the Solar Eclipse. But Rahu can deliver some positive results to the native. Natives with this position will slowly get detached from their father, or they will have clashes with father. These people never like to be under someone especially when Rahu is in Magha Nakshatra. This placement can bring overnight fame to the native on the positive side ( only when other planets signifies fame related positions in life). Rahu alone cant delivers results here, so support from other planets is a must and should to deliver results.

Rahu in Virgo

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and is a friendly sign for Rahu. Even though it is friendly sign, Rahu struggles to deliver expected results to the native. Rahu can build a native career but may not help them to get more progress. These people get unexpected opportunities in life but will suffer due to those. For example, this position can bring them Job, but slowly they may have to work for late hours, has to take less salary, or has to face challenges from superiors. Virgo is earthy sign whereas Rahu is an Air planet, What Rahu can do when Virgo forcefully drags him to earth.

Rahu in Libra

Libra is ruled by the planet Venus and is a friendly sign for Rahu. Libra is Air sign and Rahu is an Air planet. Rahu here delivers almost all positive results expect in love and marriage related things (because Rahu creates problems. Rahu gives manipulation and tactful ability to these natives. These people will enjoy traveling to foreign places. They mostly stay away from their family members. This is a good combination for the film sector where Rahu multiples where he is placed. This position automatically makes native rich and famous. These people may have to struggle to get a paternal or maternal property, In most of the cases, these people do not bother much about them. This is one of the positions where Rahu does not want to follow rules. This position can make native attain fame in society.

Rahu in Scorpio

Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars and is an enemy sign for Rahu. Scorpio is a mystery sign whereas Rahu is something undisclosed, this position makes natives to hidden so many things in their life. They maintain many secrets. It could be things where they do not want to share some dark events of their life with others. This position gives a strong desire for natives to achieve things. They always want to be free and mostly stay away from family customs. Rahu may not perform well in Scorpio due to its deep digging nature. However, this position can do well for doing medical research.

Rahu in Sagittarius

Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is an enemy sign for Rahu. The free-moving air planet Rahu do not like to follow traditions and spirituality in life. This position causes natives to have dual personalities. They may gain money with the name of Spirituality, this position if is strong can even make a person Gurus and Babas who indirectly make money behind. This can also lead to scandalous activities.

Rahu in Capricorn

Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn and is a friendly sign for Rahu. Rahu delivers results based on the position of Saturn due to Saturn’s strong influence on behind. Rahu lives in imagination whereas Capricorn is reality, this position creates lots of internal struggle for the native. These people want to gain quickly in life, but due to Saturn’s influence the progress will be delayed which can frustrate the native, However, when Saturn is strongly placed in the horoscope the results will be delivered quickly. These people will be clever, but sometimes can be wicked.  They strive hard to gain in Career, this position can be helpful for gaining promotions in life.


Rahu in Aquarius

Aquarius is ruled by the planet Saturn and is a friendly sign for Rahu. Here the results are delivered based on the placement of Saturn in the horoscope. Aquarius is Air sign and Rahu is an Air planet. These people will have a lot of imagination and almost live in the imagination, they want to acquire everything in life, this can be possible only when Saturn is placed in Libra or Aquarius then these people can make imagination into reality and will achieve unbeatable success in life. They can even become millionaires and celebrities. This is also a position where native does not want to follow rules.

Rahu in Pisces

Pisces is ruled by the planet Jupiter and is a neutral sign for Rahu. Escape from here is what Rahu tells to these natives. These people cannot handle disappointments in life, they want everything to be perfect. Pisces is related to our past life, so these people will always eager to know their past. If Jupiter is strong then this position will make natives fulfill his past karmas. This placement can even make a native world tour travelers.

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