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Detailed Birth horoscope reports – Importance of it in Astrology


Detailed information on horoscope can help you to determine the most important events of your life. Horoscope consultations are good and everyone should know about their own importance at least once in life. We at AskAstro provide these reports at a very affordable price. All the reports are prepared manually and sent in pdf format.

List of Horoscope Reports

  • Sadesati Analysis ( exact rectification and time)
  • Rajyoga Reports
  • Ascendant report
  • Moon sign report
  • Dasa strengths
  • Career analysis
  • Love marriage combination
  • Planet strength
  • Saturn and Jupiter transit analysis
  • Favorable years
  • Gemstone recommendations
  • Planets that deliver results
  • Major dosha reports and remedies ( if any)
  • Marriage Analysis ( Rs.99/- or $2)

Summary of reports

Ascendant report:

Ascendant is the zodiac sign that rises over the horizon. Ascendant is very important to know native’s physical features, characteristics, good and bad things. Ascendant is a true personality. In this report, you will get complete details of your Ascendant

Moon report:

Moon is considered as a mind which reflects our ideas and beginnings. The position of the moon helps to determine what souls like to do and which area will be fruitful to him/her. In this report, you will get complete details of your moon sign, suitable ideas and more.

Sadesati report:

Sadesati is considered the most testing phase of the native. The 7 1/2 period will bring many ups and downs in a native’s life. As a belief Sadesati is not unfavorable all the time, the real results depend on the position and strength of Saturn. Sadesati is not the same for everyone it depends on the zodiac sign. Natives having the same zodiac sign the Sadesati may start early or late, it depends on complete detailed analysis. In this report, you will get a complete prediction of Sadesati, its results, and remedies.

Rajyogas report :

Rajyogas are considered as powerful to make the native sudden reach. Everyone will not have raj yogas, having 1 or more than 1 raj yogas is considered to benefit to make a person rich. In this report, you will get the complete list of raj yogas its benefits and the time of activation.

Dasa strength :

Dasa is the period’s everyone undergoes. A dasa is used to predict the most important events of a person’s life. Dasa triggers events like marriage, the birth of a child or growth in career. In this report, you will get complete details of your dasa and strength of the planets.

Career Analysis :

Career is an important aspect of life. Horoscopes help to determine which career will be fruitful to us. In this report, you will get complete details of your career and the best directions.

Love and marriage report:

Love and marriage are the most important events in our lives. Based on the planets it is possible to determine if a person will have love or arrange marriage or will get a good married life. In this report, you will get complete details like marriage, spouse personality, events of meeting him, love success and more.

Planet strength:

The strength of planets is very important for getting fruitful results. Based on strength the results can be less or more and excellent. In this report, you will get the strength of planets to determine the results in your life.

Saturn and Jupiter report:

The transit of Saturn and Jupiter is considered very important for triggering events, without good transit of Saturn and Jupiter the results will be delayed. In this report, you will get a complete transit analysis.

Favorable periods:

Everyone will be eager to know if the year will be favorable or not. In this report, you will get complete details and dates of your favorable years.

Gemstone recommendation:

Gemstones are considered the true frequencies to magnify the results. Improper gem recommendations will attract problems. In this report, you will get the gem recommendation.

Planets that delivers results

Sometimes planets sitting in a good house and even in exalted sign fails to deliver results during its dasa, this is due to the planet losing its energy to other planets. The planet that gains this energy will produce the results.  This report includes if any planet gaining energy.

Major dosa and remedies:

Like a good, there are bad dosas in Horoscope. These reports will help to determine if any bad yogas and remedies if found any.

1 Personal Question:

You can also ask anyone personal questions related to any problem of your life and we will give the best answer as possible.

The price of the report is only 399/- for Indians and $6 for others. Addons are extra.

Drop your birth details to [email protected] for reports.

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