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Complete Overview of Taurus Zodiac- Personality, Love and Career


Physical Appearance: Taurus is the 2nd sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Venus. The natives of this sign are of medium stature with broad forehead, dark hair and wheat color complexion. Men will have a well-developed physique whereas women might look slim.

Lifestyle: These people are ground to earth and ambitious. They are sincere and respect other’s opinions. They balance tradition and modern culture. They are loyal to their life partner. “Angry Tears” (People who Cry when they are Angry) are often associated with Taurus people. They are stubborn and their anger doesn’t reduce quickly. They are the most kindhearted next to Cancer zodiac. They are good at listening, understanding their friends and family. They sacrifice their own happiness for others. They show love with their unusual hot-tempered nature. They believe in “Slow and Study wins the race”. They have a lot of patience towards their loved ones and forgive most of the time. They do not bother for name and fame, rather satisfy themselves for what they have. They respect other’s work and do support everyone equally. They sometimes show false hate towards their Crush ( People who admire them) but they love them deep inside. They are good leaders and everyone wants to be with them. They have the ability to handle very difficult situations. They are foodies and sleep soundly. They are nature lovers. Taurus people are blessed with luxurious life and family.

Education: Saturn and Sun rule their education. They can excel well in their primary and higher education. They are determined and focus on their education life. They are hardworking and never fail to impress teachers with their grades. They will have abundant knowledge and love to share with others. They can be good seminar speakers. They are interested in Mathematics, Physics, and Medicine, and can become good researchers. Some of them can even complete Ph.d.,

Health: They will have sound health and generally maintain good health habits. They are physically strong and never get tired easily. They are prone to throat infections, dry cough, and skin diseases. Some of them might not have good immune power and takes time to recover from any viral diseases. They may gain weight when they get married and need to maintain a proper diet.

Finance: Mercury and Jupiter rule their finance. They are naturally good money savers and will face fewer financial problems. They will have multiple sources of income. They make money from the smartest way rather than working hard. Their income will magnify when they reach their 25 of age. They can be a good motivational speaker and can inspire people with their charming speeches. They can make a good income as a Teacher and Motivational speaker.

Love and Marriage: Taurus is the natural sign of love, and these people are good at flirting and impressing other sex with their natural expressions. They get into a relationship at an early age. They may have more than one love affair. Taking their relationship to marriage is difficult and may end their relationship. It is difficult to get married if their love relationship is more than 3 years and are advised to marry within 2 years of their love relationship. Even though they are honest in their love relationship, their love partner might not be satisfied with them and expects more attention. This can lead to unexpected troubles in married life. Men love their wives so much and the rate of divorce is very less when compared to other signs. They support their wives and family members.

Family: They take care of their family responsibilities and support their siblings like no other. They maintain a peaceful atmosphere and usually the most compromising people in the family. They are nature lovers and might love to decorate their houses with plants and trees.  They are extremely comfortable people to stay with. You will never regret spending time with Taurus people.

Career: Saturn and Venus rule their career life. They are interested in arts and can be good artists in films and drama shows. They can also excel high as Speaker, Singer, and Teacher. They love to be independent and might get bored with regular work life.  They get progress in career after 27 of age.

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