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Complete Overview of Scorpio Zodiac- Personality, Love and Career

Scorpio Physical Features: Scorpio is the 8 sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Mars. These people are blessed with good physique and a well-proportioned body. They will have long hands, Average height and broad forehead. These people are considered the most important and are the center of attraction. They might be thin during their childhood and increases weight as age grows. Most of them will have a dusky or honey complexion with an attractive smile.
Lifestyle: These people are most mysterious by nature and sometimes fail to hide their feelings. They are only expressive to the people they love and trust. These people are not stable with their emotions and are more likely to suffer from mental stress. They do not trust people easily and will have a doubtful nature. Once they gain the trust they are the most loyal personalities. Since the moon is debilitated in Scorpio they should be careful in taking decisions related to a life partner and business. They are good learners and are experts in finding new ideas. They are good researchers. They are good at knowing other people’s faults but do not let others know their faults. These people do not listen to other opinions which makes others feel irritable. They are highly imaginative and can finish things quickly. They do not love to leave work pending and often finish. They are sometimes very careless and often miss many opportunities.
Education: Jupiter rules their education. These people are very good at education and are often stand top in the class. They believe in listening rather than practicing. They can score well in exams even not studying regularly. They can shine very well in Medicine, Science, Space, Occult, Chemistry. They should be very careful with their higher education and are advised not to neglect.
Health: The natives of this zodiac might suffer from Genitals related problems ( as it is the 8 sign) and mental stress. These people might be very healthy physically but not mentally. They are not often prone to diseases, if they are prone to any disease it can take a long time to recover.
Finance: These people are good at getting money from others. They give less important to savings and are mostly spend on unnecessary things. Greed for money can sometimes make these people losing their closed ones and should not compare others with financial status. They are not so much good at jobs and like to be independent employers.
Love and Marriage: Men with this ascendant are good at expressing their feelings openly whereas Women do not express openly. They are fearsome in love affairs and maintain a balanced relationship with their love partner. Natives of this ascendant will have blessed married life. Their life partner might feel a little uncomfortable at some times due to their unnecessary fears.
Family Atmosphere and Children: Men with this ascendant will receive enough support and freedom from family, whereas Women may not receive enough support from family. Conflicts with the father might be possible in the case of women. These people are blessed with highly creative and respectable children who attain a good name to the family and society.

Career: These people are very energetic and will have researching abilities. Professions related to Research ( like Space, Chemistry, Astronomy, Astrology) and Dynamic Jobs( like IAS, Administrative, Police, Army ) are very suitable and will get higher positions.

Note: The above are general predictions and may differ based on the placement of planets.

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