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Complete Overview of Sagittarius Zodiac- Personality, Love and Career

Physical Appearance: Sagittarius is the 9th sign of zodiac belt ruled by planet Jupiter. The natives of this sign will have a strong, well proportioned and attractive personality. They are mostly tall and will have an oval face with impressive eyes. They are straightforward and mostly look stylish in nature. They will have a belly and might gain weight as age grows.

Lifestyle: Sagittarius natives are completely independent. They do not like to be compared with anyone. They are straightforward and will not hesitate to speak directly. They will have philosophical knowledge and can inspire others with their personalities. These people stand as the center of attraction and will be liked by everyone. Since it is ruled by Jupiter, these people like to share their knowledge and are respected in the society. They love to go on a travel and to explore adventures. They are angry personalities but their angry will last only for minutes. They are perfect decision-makers and never fail with their ideas. They can guide others with their intellectual thoughts. Most of the time these people do not like the home atmosphere as they feel restricted and spend time in the outside world.  They judge people and this can sometimes bring them problems even though they are correct with their judgment. They are the most optimistic personalities.

Education and Children: Mars and Sun rule their education. These people are geniuses and invent their own methods of approaching studies. They excel in studies. They can remember easily. They are interested in astronomy, philosophical and spiritual subjects. They complete higher educations and can attain doctorates.

Health: Most of the time they are very healthy. They might prone to bones, belly, urinary bladder and muscle-related diseases. They can even suffer from colds and breathing problems. These people are less conscious of a healthy life and eat whatever they want. it is highly advised to look after their eating habits.

Financial life: These people never face financial problems in their life. They gain income from multiple sources. They are very spendthrifts and never save money. They never bother for tomorrow and enjoy mostly the present day. Most of the time they spend money on travel. If they give money to someone they never expect back, this can sometimes bring them problems as people can misuse this. They are advised not to give borrows to others as it will be difficult for them to get back.

Love and Marriage: Since their Marriage is ruled by Jupiter and Mercury they get an intelligent and educated life partner. They get a life partner of all qualities. Their independent and entertaining behavior can sometimes bring conflicts in marriage life. They are very loyal to their life partners. Having a life partner who loves travel and luxury can be very good for these natives.

Family Life: They love their family members and spend time with them. They stay away from relatives and never entertain them. They have good helping hands and may run some NGOs. They may have late Children.

Career: Since their Career is ruled by Mercury and Venus, they can be good business people. They can gain a good name in the Writing, Creative field, and teaching. They like justice and can be good administrators. These people do not like to work under someone.

Note: The above are general predictions and may differ based on the placement of planets.

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