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Complete Overview of Pisces Zodiac- Personality, Love, and Career

Physical Appearance: Pisces is the 12th sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Jupiter. The natives of this sign are of medium stature with a round face. They will have large eyes, belly fat and thick hair. They will gain weight quickly compared with other signs.

Lifestyle: These people are often considered as “daydreamers” and mostly live in fantasies. They would like to do a job of any kind. They are quick learners and love to support others. They will have changing abilities and may not focus on one thing for a long period. They are kind-hearted and are mostly emotional. They are often confused with their career goals and change their ideas periodically. They are fearful but do not show it on their face. They are less social and may not enjoy party culture. They are good at finding other’s faults. These people are often considered mysterious for their research abilities. Their uneven thoughts will lead to troubles and are advised to be careful while taking suggestions from strangers and others. These people like to do things secretly and may not like to share with others. They are hard workers, humorous and sacrifice for others.

Education: Mercury and Mars rule their education. They are excellent learners. Their deep thinking ability will bring them honors and recognitions. They are good at studies. They may not express openly but are good at expressing on paper. They can excel high in Medicine, economics, herbs, astrology and space-related subjects.

Health: Most of the time these people do not suffer from diseases. They may have problems related to obesity and stomach related. They may suffer from water-related problems after their mid-life.

Love and Marriage: These natives will get a highly educated and intelligent partner. She/He may be associated with IT, or Computer related fields. These people want their spouse to follow customs and traditions which can sometimes irritate them. Their marriage life will go smoother despite small issues.

Men: Pisces Men will get a very beautiful life partner. They do not want their wives to be independent. They may have unwanted trust issues. Once they trust their life partner they believe and love them for life. They love to help their wives in the kitchen.

Family: These people do not bother about family responsibilities until 23. Once they cross 24 they start working hard for their family. They expect more from family members and feel disappointed when they don’t get recognized. They may have frictions with siblings and friends and are advised to maintain cordial relationships with them.

Finance: They do not face financial problems and will have enough money. They do business and rotate their money. They get income from many sources. They spend their money carefully without wasting unnecessary things.

Career: Jupiter and Sun rule their careers. These people do not like to work under someone and love to be self-employees. They prefer business rather than doing routine jobs. They do not want to settle for temporary jobs. Acting, Writing, Teaching, Medicine, Law can be very helpful for them.

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