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Complete Overview of Leo Zodiac- Personality, Love and Career

Personality: Being dramatic is what comes first to this sign.  These people are highly creative, dramatic and confident. This is one of the powerful signs to have. Natives with this sign achieve targets faster than others. They do not like to leave things until they learn about it. This is a stubborn sign and natives will behave stubbornly and do not comprise with things so quickly.  Leo Men are often found tall with a V-shaped face structure. Leo Women are often found short and chubby. They love to stay in the social circle and always proud of their fathers. They do not love to sit idle and loves adventures and journeys.  They are often easily attracted to people who are silent and dusky in color. They are too connected and expect so much from others which often makes them disappointed. They are not satisfied with what they have and always want to expand things.

Family: The family of these natives is very powerful and highly respected in society. They are competent and rich.

Siblings and Friends: The siblings of these natives are highly matured and do not depend on others. They are often seen associating with fields related to IT, Film and Business. They are philosophic and are mostly stay away from family customs and relatives. The friends of these natives are mostly higher in status and educated.

Home Atmosphere, Vehicle: Being a royal sign, the native might be ruling the home atmosphere and often seen dominative in the family.  These natives might not have enough support from mother and maternal relatives. They are fond of luxury goods and vehicles. There are often disappointed with the troubles of vehicles. The native might worry too much about their mother.

Love, Education, and Children: You get easily bored in love relationships and may not stay for long. You might have more than one love affair. You may not worry much when you broke with your relationship. You worry about small things and always want to get surprised which may not happen with you mostly.

You should be careful with your education. You are highly competent and excel higher in studies. It is advised not to break your education which can be difficult to continue in the future.  You can excel easily in medicine and Government services.

Children of these natives are smart and hardworking. They are freedom-loving and might settle in foreign lands or might study in foreign countries.

Health and Service: You might have health issues in your early childhood and will be healthy after that. You should be careful with problems related to breathing. You get many supporters and servants. You get a good connection with government people and respected in society.

Spouse and Business: The spouse of these natives is eccentric, smart, matured, tall and childlike. He can be seen associating with film, teaching, and research. Spouse will be either tall with a slim structure or will be short with the stout figure. The native might be good in business related to construction and industries.

Father and Journies: The father of these natives will be the head of the group and will be a good business person. He might be a little strict and often loves to hear about them. You are more attached to your father than anyone in the family. You get huge support from father and always impress him with your charisma.  You are luckier in journies and loves to travel to many places.

Career: Working like everyday life might not be suitable for you. You are often not happy with regular working life and loves challenges. You get huge success in films and business. You will have to struggle hard in your initial stages. You can be a Speaker, Motivator, Actor, Creative head where creativity is involved. Being the royal sign of Leo, you are often treated to be serious and egoist.

Other Aspects of life : 

  • Strengths: Achieving things, self-confidence, Hardworking, Optimist, and Easy going.
  • Weakness: Getting bored easily, Dramatic, too emotional.

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