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Complete Overview of Gemini zodiac- Personality, Love and Career

Physical Appearance: Gemini is the 3rd sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Mercury. The natives of this sign are slim, fair with attractive personality. They are tall and most of them are fair in complexion. They appear to be innocent. They will have brown or blue eyes with smooth black hair.
Lifestyle: These people are quick learners and absorb things fastly. They are highly imaginative and can be the toppers of the class. They usually shy type and takes time to mingle with others. They are most competent in studies. These people are often worried about their future and always need someone’s support. They cannot achieve without the proper guidance from their friends or family. They can become an expert in any subject. They are accompanied by noble people and are good at advising others. These people are somewhat greedy and should overcome with ease. Since Gemini is a mutable sign, these people can easily manipulate others with their cunning ideas. However, these people are not consistence and fixed which can sometimes lack to achieve things. They start many tasks at a time but fail to finish them. They are highly ambitious people and can achieve success after much focus and determination. These people are good at cracking spontaneous jokes. They cannot withstand being They are sometimes lazy and takes things casually. They expect quick results without doing proper hard work. These people are however good at partnership business.
Education: Saturn and Mercury rule their education. These people are good at studies and will be the topper of the class. They have a quick wit and can remember things by just listening to the classes. They may lack focus sometime due to their changing ability and are advised to meditate at least 10 minutes per day. They are self-learned and do not follow regular materials. They can excel well in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Computers.
Health: These people are physically healthy but mentally not stable. They may worry unnecessarily. The will have anxiety and fear which can sometimes lead to depression. They should take a pleasant walk every evening and should not think about their future. They may suffer from Anxiety, lung troubles and leg related. Due to their uneven thinking, they may suffer from Blood pressure and Chest pain.
Finance: These people are financially safe due to their quick money making ideas. They will have enough money but cannot save them for the future. They will have maternal property. However, they may have conflicts with paternal relatives regarding fixed assets. They should not overspend their money as this leads to huge losses and can even lead to debts. They should stay away from gamblings and tradings which brings them losses. They will be rich in the middle part of their life.
Love and Marriage: Venus and Jupiter control their love life. These people are not stable in love affairs and may not be good love partners due to their changing ability. Their love life will not lead to marriage. They may behave wicked with their love partner due to a lack of understanding with each other. Arrange marriage will be suitable for them. Their changing ability will reduce once they are married and obey their spouse. Gemini Ascendant is suitable for Women more than Men. It is said that getting a Gemini Women for Men is a blessing. Gemini people are romantic and good in bed.
Family: They always make their families proud of their easy recognition. They spend their time and money for their family and are emotionally attached to them. They may not express their feelings with their children. They always support their family members.
Career: Any profession will be suitable for these Ascendants due to their quick wit. They may travel abroad for their career settlement. Due to their cunning ideas, they get promotions easily when compared to other zodiacs. They may not be good business partners unless it is business related to education. Writing and films are highly suitable for them.

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