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Complete Overview of Capricorn Zodiac- Personality, Love, and Career

Physical Appearance: Capricorn is the 10th sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Saturn. People with this sign are thin with serious expressions. They will have normal height during childhood and will grow tall suddenly after the age of 15. Their walking style will be unusual, there is a possibility of having a mole on their knee.

Lifestyle: The lifestyle of Capricorn natives is different from others, they are often seen silent and people will think they are cold personalities. They are very careful at making new friends and may not enjoy party culture. They are hard workers and believe in reality. They worry about their future and this can make them preparing proper plans for their future. They can be seen doing some work rather than wasting their time. They are good at taking responsibility. They do everything to achieve their Goals and never fail. They believe in ” Practice makes Man perfect” As these people are less romantic and emotional, this can often be misunderstood by others.

Education: Mars and Mercury rule their education. They may have ordinary primary education and may excel high in their higher education. They can excel in Mathematics, history, Computers, and technology-related.

Health: They are less conscious about their health, due to their hardworking behavior. They often suffer from colds and stress. They will have unusual meals and this can bring a problem related to Digestion. They are advised to have proper sleep, spending time with friends and having on-time meals.

Finance: They believe in making money from hard work and can gain huge in their future. They get more properties and lands. They can deal with many difficult situations. They are very careful about spending money and will face very few financial problems. Making money is their second life.

Marriage: These people may not have stable ideas on their love life and mostly stay away from them. They may have sudden love affairs and this can make them to marriage. They may not like to share about their love life. They get a spouse with a chubby face. Pisces, Cancer, Taurus can be a good partner for them.

Family: They are very good at taking family responsibilities. They work hard for their families. They love their kids. They think about their family’s future all the time. They may raise their children with strict and discipline. Their strict behavior can sometimes lead to a lack of small happy moments and they should give importance to that.

Career: Mercury and Venus rule their professional life. They are multi-talented and can excel in any area. Due to the influence of Venus, they can also become good Artists in creative fields. They can excel as good as a teacher. They may not show much interest in business unless they have a business family background.

Note: The above are general predictions and may differ based on the placement of planets.

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