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Complete Overview of Aquarius Zodiac- Personality, Love, and Career

Physical Appearance: Aquarius is the 11th sign of zodiac belt ruled by the planet Saturn. Aquarius People are often seen as very tall and slim with an attractive personality. Either they will be slim with a tall personality or short with stout personality. They will have brown color eyes, oval-shaped face and unusual ears.

Lifestyle: They are the most imaginative personalities. They love to do research and impress everyone with their intelligence and innovativeness. Aquarius is the sign of technology and innovation, So most of these people are good at finding new techniques in their respective fields. These people are liked by everyone as they treat everyone equally. They are liked for their interesting speeches. Even though they are close to everyone they will have few friends as these people are very careful about making new friends. They never lose their tongue or don’t speak about others on their backs. They handle things smoothly rather than arguing and fighting. They don’t cheat others rather helps people to reach their goals. These people are the most stubborn personalities and it is very difficult to change them once they take any decision. Since Aquarius is a fixed sign, these people are stable and good at taking perfect decisions. They sometimes proud of their own knowledge and can see boasting themselves. They are very quick learners. They rarely get angry. Even though their initial life is not good, they find happiness with small things. They do not bother about luxurious things and behave almost simple. Their second life will be more prosperous.

Education: Venus rules their complete education. These people excel good in studies and can even receive a diploma in arts. They can excel in any competitive examinations. technology, science, hotel, films will be good for them.

Health: They may suffer from colds and minor health issues even though they have a strong physique. They will have skin and neurological issues. They will have a nerves problem on their neck. They may have dental issues. They should be very careful about their health as it takes time for them to recover quickly.

Marriage: They love intelligent and dominative life partner. They show them all love for their life partners. They want their spouse to understand and give equal importance to them. They do not like to marry early and can postpone their marriage. They are playful, manly and cool minded with their spouse. They make the home atmosphere as cool as possible. Their spouse will be in dusky color, slim, short with anger and dominative features.

Family life: These people support their families in any situation. They give equal importance to friends, family, and others. They are good leaders with enough qualities. They are the decision-makers. They give all freedom to their families. They are highly independent and may not follow family traditions. Even a small child or old person is comfortable and likes to stay with them.

Financial life: These people are luckiest in financial things. They spend money fastly and never hesitate to help others. Almost most of the money they spend is for their family or friends rather than spending on themselves. They gain huge income after 30 age.

Career: These people do not like to sit idle and do routine jobs. they need challenges, risks, and innovativeness in their working life. They never compare with the outside world. They can compete with anyone, but they only work for fun. They can easily get recognized for their innovative ideas. They don’t bother for high salaries, promotions and other perks, this can sometimes delay their progress.

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